Our Progress

1502 students across Delhi, India

have completed three pilot studies and a full-fledged summer campaign. Each received affordable, personalised & adaptive lessons.

Jugnuu has grown its English language offering into highly engaging calls.


Nine Minutes

Students are engaged for as long as 9 minutes per call. Several call us back to inquire of their next lesson.

"Thank you so much for helping my class revise. They loved your lessons!"

Sushruti - Teach for India Fellow, New Delhi

"Several students approached me to learn more about what was covered in the call."

Nitin - Teach for India Fellow, New Delhi

"Jugnuu's intervention during vacation in 2015 helped our students overcome the summer slide - drop in performance due to lack of revision of core concepts over long periods. Not only is it a fun and interactive way to learn for students but it also helped us teachers track our students' progress. Thanks to Jugnuu, learning goes further beyond the classroom now."

Dhruv - Teach for India Fellow, New Delhi