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Believers in the Power of Feature Phones

Jugnuu (जुग्नु ,"Firefly" in Hindi) bridges learning gap between school and home by providing a personalized learning platform outside school.

Jugnuu is an affordable mobile-based English language solution that uses narratives and assessments as tools to allow teachers to intervene in areas where students face difficulties – all with a basic feature phone!


Team of Technologists and Educators

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Pa 12a93a9f992e947135e5bfce04135e49a880fb26c6feb134db01e056b758db5c Priya Andleigh, Content
Ag 344b2431ca29855cf736ff3f9cb0bc302592a07f7c7c7267bac1c5ef5b51515e Ankita Gupta, Technology
Nj 18a43865fa61b7f890da7b64ebe9baa37be3a6a53504c9c5eb03f54e316f0c68 Nikhil Jain, Business Development
Ss 0b1927d7f04afd83789848bbcac9ab004c5f7838060cf8f403115157e5b351d3 Sadhana Gomathi Sankar, Content